Submission day !!

Today I have submitted the final work for skills 2 which in fact I learned many things of this module. Learning abroad gives a good chance to use different style of education which I have seen it  during my study in the UK.  Actually when I was studying in my country  we miss giving some module such as skills 1 and 2 which focus on developing several skills beside academic courses that reflex  a crucial benefit for students. I cannot say that this is my final blog because I will keep going to use my blog in order to share different events which will happen in my life. Finally I have to say may thanks for GCU and to the coordinator of our college about all these activates which have been providing during our studies.

Thanks all ..


Final exam ,,

Preparing for final exam is stressful . lots of questions should be cover which lead more students to stick at home for the following weeks. One important advise should be taken is that manage your time and keep a fair away from you and you would be fine. Unfortunately as we can see a beautiful weather has began which we cannot enjoy with it but hopefully after doing our exam the weather sill as beautiful as now. I have decided with my friend to keep away from drinking lots of coffee during this day in order to sleep well at night. Actually I have to say good loch guys for your test.

Poster day ..

Yesterday I had posted my first poster in my study. Even I graduated from one of the biggest universities in Saudi Arabia, I did not prepare any poster during my bachelor fact, preparing poster has an crucial benefits for student not only to present information related to his subject, but also to develop his confident in receiving some questions. There were many wonderful posters presented from students . few weeks ago some of my friends had opportunity to present their poster in brighter future and they had received some feedback which gave them a good chance to avoid their mistakes in our final poster of EDA. Honestly, I have to say that skills 2 has variety of skills which are necessary for graduate students.

Tesco VS Sainsburys

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Many stories have been provide in the UK where situated in different places that gives a costumer an easy way to get his stuff . The most common are Tesco and sainsburys that have multi branches across the UK. Today I have discussed with my friend about the difference in the price between Tesco and sainsburys. Actually I was quite surprise about these differences even the same product. And I do not know if there is any role in the UK of prices. As we are as international we do not know what is the best for us in the price and the quality as well. So any recommendation please let us know!!

Busy week..

This week we have lots of things we have to submit. Although I have been trying to manage my time but unfortunately sometime does not work with me. In fact I have to say that during our study we have to do many things which is obviously great to develop our knowledge and skills. However, it should be given enough time to deal with it. Hard marker and not enough time leading to un satisfactory work and grade. Actually I take this opportunity to give a clear message to the coordinator of our college to overcome this problem with encounter majority of students


Arabic coffee !! miss you so much!!

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One of the most important aspect in my life is Arabic coffee. Yes no strange because I cannot imagine my life without it. in fact, it makes me more relax and raises my concentration in work and study. Different kinds of coffee I have tried but never ever like Arabic coffee. However, preparing it need quite long time and special tools which called DALLAH which is difficult to find in the UK which led me to bring it from my country. Arabic coffee is usually provided with some sweet such as dates or any kind of chocolate. There is no side effect from this kind of coffee in comparison with other kinds according to some studies which have done in united Arab emirates.

Cinema time ..

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Studying full time is stressful and make your brain to switch off!!. Actually, I have been working with my assignment and course work since two weeks that made me feeling tired and stress. Studying five days per week with lots of assignments need some activities to be used and changing the study routine has been highly recommended. I have decided with my friend to go to the cinema and watching a new film. Even the film was not very interesting but we had a wonderful time together. In fact it was a good idea to refresh our mind and having a adequate power to continue our work.